Thursday, June 26, 2014

Newborn Baby Fotos

 A sleeping newborn has to be one of the sweetest things to photograph. At Baby Feet Fotos we love to take care of our little bundle's of joy by making sure that the room is always warm and toasty. This sure seemed to work perfectly for our newest baby R. This little guy slept through a full photo shoot only opening his eyes once or twice. Please leave comments below and let us know what you think!

Name, date, height and weight newborn baby shot
Angel Baby 
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Daddy and Baby Guitar Photos
Patriotic Newborn
Newborn Baby and Guitar
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Newborn baby /baseball
Newborn baby /baseball
Just Like Daddy Newborn with tie
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Before and After maternity/newborn
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Baby and Guitar Photos

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Babies Turning ONE!!

We have a lot of people who call us asking about First Birthday pictures. They are so much fun to do! By the time the babies turn one they are really getting a personality of their own. It is at this time that they begin to really show their shyness. No worries we still press on magic wand in hand and capture some of the greatest shots!
Many of our parents ask a staged smash cake session and those are fun and MESSY! I love just it! We do ask the parents to provide the cake and any extra balloons an we let those babies go to town! Because our studio is in my home we can stick the babies in the tub and clean them up before they go home. Please like us on facebook and visit our site at
Please feel free to call Tammi at 239-849-5429 to book your photo shoot!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Maternity Beach Photo Shoot: Not So Fun During Rainy Season

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photos
Moments before the rain came down we got the shot!
Living in Southwest Florida we are fortunate to have the opportunity to utilize our beautiful  Fort Myers Beach as the backdrop for some amazing photos.Getting that amazing shot doesn't come without its complications. We are constantly inundated with those visitors stooping for the perfect shell right in the back of the photo. You have the tides to contend with, bugs, the smell of fish ... but NOTHING is worse than the summer rainy season. This week we had a beautiful mother to be and we took her to our favorite spot on Fort Myers Beach. After nearly an hour of photos we were at sunset and wow did we get a spectacular sunset!!! There we were shooting our last shots when we felt a drop or two which prompted us to quickly put the cameras away. But were weren't quick enough to escape the downpour that came next. There we were with all of our gear running to the shelter on the widest part of the beach by the time we got there we were all looking like drowned rats!! Luckily the gear is A-OK and  best of all WE GOT THE SHOT!!!! Here are some of the highlights of our last session. Be sure scroll down to see some of our beautiful moms and dads to be enjoying there photo shoots on our little piece of paradise we call Fort Myers Beach. Be sure to Like us on facebook at and keep up to date with any specials we are offering and you can visit our website any time at If you or anyone you know is having a baby please pass along our info and we can set up a fantastic beach photo shoot ....hopefully not in the rain!!

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photos

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photosFort Myers Beach Maternity photos

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photos

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photos butterfly

 Ashley & Evans and baby Connor

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photosFort Myers Beach Maternity photos

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photos

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photos

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photos

Becca and Anthony with baby Roman

Fort Myers Beach Maternity photosFort Myers Beach Maternity photos

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Disney's movie Frozen Inspired Photos

Taking photos of children is a favorite of ours. Tammi and I have been creating memories for families for over 3 years now and I think the most fun we have is with our fantasy fotos.
With all of the hoopla of the new Disney movie Frozen Tammi decided we would offer Frozen Princess Photos.  

Our plan began with my mother, she is our seamstress and she helped design the Frozen Princess costume.
While mom was making the costume Tammi and I got onto facebook to get people involved with a Frozen Princess Contest.

 The contest was a hit. We had girls who created video monologues, videos of singing and dancing. Quickly our facebook page was getting more likes and these girls were being seen.

In the end we had two winners  both Zoey and Leah brought in a lot of votes. The each of our winners has a wonderful time having their makeup and hair done and made up to be a beautiful princess.
 Kaydence is one of our lovely young ladies who makes a beautiful Frozen princess.

 Congratulations to all of the girls who participated!

Get in on the Frozen Princess craze and call Tammi at 239-849-5429 to get your little girls princess dreams to come true. 

$75.00 Frozen Princess Package includes:

Hair & Makeup session
use of our princess costume
photo shoot
2 digital images
We will edit 10 or more photos to choose from

Call now 239-849-5429