Friday, November 15, 2013

Tis the Season…For Christmas Photos

It was Halloween night and instead of carrying around pumpkins and goblins we were toting around a Christmas tree in the back of the van.

Baby Feet Fotos Christmas 2013Baby Feet Fotos Christmas 2013Baby Feet Fotos Christmas 2013</Baby Feet Fotos Christmas 2013a>

Families need to get the traditional Christmas photos ready for print so it is up to us to be This year we went for the Florida beach holiday. We have had so much fun with it. We carried out our 7 foot Christmas tree to Fort Myers Beach and began adorning it with beautiful sea shells.

Baby Feet Fotos Christmas 2013Baby Feet Fotos Christmas 2013Baby Feet Fotos Christmas 2013  Soon we had people from all over the globe stopping and asking why we have a Christmas tree on the beach. Tourists were taking pictures with our tree just to prove that they did see a Christmas tree in November on the beach! One family even asked if we were setting up for the “HUGE guy” from Fuccillo Kia. Baby Feet Fotos Christmas 2013 I

Friday, February 1, 2013

Family Photo Shoot Ideas

What to Wear

We are constantly being asked what to wear for a family photo shoot. It is very pleasing to have a group with a similar theme to their clothing. I really like it when one or two colors are brought throughout the family in different parts of their clothing.

We had one particular family where the main color was a vibrant blue and yellow theme. Boys had yellow shirts with blue jeans, dad had the blue shirt  that matched the insignia on the boys shirt and the mom wore the same blue in a beaded necklace. It was such a complimentary design in color.

Another family photographed on the beach wore khaki and white but the difference was some had khaki pants, capri's or skirts and different styles of tops. This way they kept their own sense of style but also kept with the color theme.

And many do the blue jeans and white shirts. This is nice for an outdoor shoot. I would like it if a pop of color was added just to mix it up a bit.

Whatever you choose to wear for your shoot just remember to keep each person showing their own individuality nothing worse than years later looking back and wondering ...."why did we wear that?"

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Mermaids are Here

Tammi and I have completed two mermaid costumes to date, one for adults and one for kids.


And thanks to my dear friend Tammy B. we now have a baby mermaid costume as well.


Her talent is inspiring!!. She just whipped up the mermaid, a turtle for our little boys and a little snail while sitting around visiting one afternoon.


I hope that we will get some babies in here to show off her work!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Check out what's new this year with Baby Feet Fotos

Boy it has been a while since my last post. Tammi and I have had such an increase in business throughout the holidays. YIPPEE!! We have met so many new people and look forward to the new year.
Last year we introduced our Barefoot Fairy Foto's with such a great response.


We are staring off the new year with a whole new fantasy photo shoot. We will be introducing our Mermaid Series. We have created a selection of mermaid costumes to transform you into a beautiful mermaid here in our studio. Jeanette was our first mermaid....
Why not do a mermaid photo shoot for a special valentine... Special pricing available